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REaCT-VA HER2 positive

REaCT-VA HER2 positive

Central line access (PICC vs PORT) for breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy plus Herceptin

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Mark Clemons NCT02632435
Intravenous trastuzumab is a common treatment regime for patients with early stage breast cancer. Adjuvant breast cancer chemotherapy require repeated visits to the chemotherapy unit and blood testing, along with trastuzumab treatment for 1 year. Thus vascular access devices are required to assist in efficient and effective treatment delivery and to improve patient experience. The best practice of type of vascular access is currently unknown (PICC vs. PORT).  This study is complete.

Sites: The Ottawa Hospital

Tags: Early stage Breast Cancer


Systematic Review:

  • A randomized trial comparing vascular strategies for patients receiving chemotherapy trastuzumab for early-stage breast cancer. Clemons et al, 2020.  PMID: 32002617