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Missed dexamethasone premedication during docetaxel chemotherapy

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Tina Hsu NCT02815319 
Docetaxel chemotherapy is commonly used in breast cancer patients, however side effects are common, including acute hypersensitivity reactions, capillary leak syndrome and skin toxicities. Steroid premedication is given with docetaxel chemotherapy to prevent many of these side effects. Currently there is no standard of care procedure if a patient forgets to take any or all of their steroid premedication. This can lead to significant treatment delays while the patient waits for the CTU nurse to contact the treating physician, obtain a replacement strategy and then fill the order with pharmacy.  This study compares a set replacement regimen with physician’s choice regimen in the hopes of reducing the wait time for chemotherapy. This study is complete

Sites: The Ottawa Hospital

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  • Optimisation of steroid prophylaxis schedules in breast cancer patients receiving docetaxel chemotherapy-a survey of health care providers and patients. Jacobs et al, 2015. PMID: 25933700

Clinical Trial results:

  • A randomised clinical trial comparing physician-directed or fixed-dose steroid replacement strategies for incomplete dexamethasone dosing prior to docetaxel chemotherapy. Hsu et al, 2020. PMID: 33057999