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Impact of time of day (morning vs evening) when taking hormonal therapy

Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Marie-France Savard (TOH) and Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim (Thunder Bay) NCT04864405
Endocrine (hormonal) therapy is an established treatment for patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Endocrine therapy can cause significant side effects with deterioration in quality of life. The side effects from endocrine therapy are well recognised and can lead to patients taking their treatment inconsistently or stopping treatment altogether. Chronotherapy is the study of taking medication in coordination with the patient's natural circadian rhythm to try to reduce side effects. There is uncertainty about the best time of day (morning versus evening) at which to take the hormone therapy pills. This study will allow us to determine the best time of day (morning vs evening) to take endocrine therapy. This type of study has not been done before and will help us to better advise future patients.

Sites: The Ottawa Hospital Thunder Bay Health Research Institute

Tags: Breast cancer


Systematic Review:

  • Does the Time of Day at Which Endocrine Therapy Is Taken Affect Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes? Beltran-Bless et al. 2021. PMID: 34287262